Rachel, Portraits + Personal Branding Photographer + Visual Story Teller

Rachel, Portraits + Personal Branding Photographer + Visual Story Teller

Mesmerised by photographs in glossy fashion magazines as a child, I grew up in France with the idea of creating beauty through photography.

I did everything by the book and followed reason over heart, embracing a more traditional career path until I left the corporate world to study photography. I turned 50 in 2014 and in 2015, I decided to create modern portraiture for Women who reached the big 5 to help you reconnect with your true self, celebrating yourself and exist in photographs.

"My Specialty is to make you look and feel incredible in front of the camera!

I will make you feel like a million dollar. You get your hair and make up done then it takes less pressure on you, get pampered, I can hire a stylist for you to help you with your wardrobe. 

You have your photos done, relax have fun and at the end you get beautiful photos for your family, your kids to have. You will have a wonderful time and I will make it super easy for you!

To be a great portrait photographer you need more than just a camera it’s the connection that creates great portraits and I take great pride to get to know you before a photo shoot understanding your purpose. Together we will design and style your specific photo shoot like a project from start to finish to achieve your desired outcome.

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