A Patio Garden, Chic Buildings and gorgeous Chelsea for a personal branding photoshoot in London

Working on location is always a challenge (that I enjoy), checking the weather, finding the perfect place for the story you are about to write and creating a beautiful mood with creativity, imagination and inspiration for your images.

Natalie is a freelance writer, a lifestyle blogger, her aim was to get images with a natural look,  and showcasing her in gorgeous London. We had a very skilful make up artist on board, worked together finding the locations for each set. I helped her source beautiful dresses that would allow movement with a different feel for each location 



Together we discussed the mood she was after for each location, and it was then down to me to create a different vibration for each of them, playing with light, mood and energy through the shoot. London has an array of fantastic locations ideal for a photo shoot.

Nothing says more London than the breathtaking area of Mayfair, yes it's busy, sometimes you have to be smart with timing (we can shoot at dawn). I won't have you standing on busy streets for hours. You will be moving so much, feeling fantastic that you won't care about being on the street! 

What I love about London, is that so many places feel like being in a small village, secluded streets with cottages and colourful doors, wherever I go in London there's so many places that leave me in owing!

PS. What are the places you would loved to be photographed in London? Get in touch and we will design your dream photoshoot together.

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