Celebrate your family with a photoshoot in 2017

Families... we love and loathe them. There's nothing worse for a teenager than having to spend time with family when all they want is to be out and about with their friends. I can't say this was entirely true for me. I used to love the huge family gathering when one of my cousins was having their communion. We would sit down, all day, through a meal of 6 or 7 courses. Only to start eating again in the evening! It's mad just thinking about it... but there's honestly nothing better than sharing food for a celebration when you’re born and raised in France.

It was a very precious time, enjoying each other's company, catching up on the latest news, taking out the accordion, singing silly songs, dancing and having a wonderful family time. Sadly I've hardly got any family photographs from these events and I wish I could open up an album to contemplate the images from these wonderful moments.

I know how family pictures are important, my dad is reaching 80 and my mum 71. I'm dedicating time once a year to set up a photoshoot with my parents, with the aim to create a legacy for my children and beyond. As a child, I used to love browsing through the black and white images at my grandmothers. Curious about my family history and the people standing, with poise, in their Sunday clothes. So very still and so proud to be photographed.

I want to give you this wonderful opportunity in 2017 - to create a family photo shoot to remember. This will not just be a walk in the park, you will be on board from concept to creation to create a dream photo shoot for your family.

I will invite you to either join me in the studio or work on a bespoke story in true editorial fashion, selecting a very special venue or your home for the set. The photo shoot will be entirely customised to what you have in mind and I will help you bring this dream to reality. Now all you have to do is get in touch via info@byrachelv.photography or fill out the form and tell me about your dream photo shoot.