The Magic of a Moodboard

Pinterest is undoubtedly my favourite social media. I use Pinterest as a tool for inspiration, creating ideas for personal, editorial photo shoot and working with clients on every personal branding and portrait shoot.

With the emergence of digital photography, the idea of setting up a photo shoot might seem easy peasy. Don't be fooled by the convenience of taking a camera and just starting shooting, if you want to create a successful photo shoot; you need to have a vision with ideas so preparation is key.

This doesn't mean that you can't work on impulse when travelling or offered an incredible opportunity to photograph on the spot. Let's go back to make the most of a mood board for a photo shoot.

1. Choose a theme for the shoot

By setting a theme and mood for the photo shoot, you will be able to limit your focus, pick a style a location, choose a mood and a colour theme.

2. Create a secret board

You will be able to share the board with your team, makeup artist, stylist, client, model.  Exchange ideas with your team and start pinning.

3.Create a vision

Before Pinterest, to create a mood board you would tear pages from magazines and pin them to a wall. The principle of Pinterest is the same you will choose images that fit your ideas. Select images from your searches for location, clothing, colour themes, props, accessories, photographers, designers, movies...

4.Step back

Like standing in a museum in front of a painting, display your board on a computer screen and step back, what jumps to minds, let yourself permeate with the mood, colour tones, the images. Write down a plan and scenario for your shot from this mood board.

5. Pin regularly

Keep your inspiration going by pinning on a regular basis, browsing magazines, watching movies, wandering in the city, travelling. Whatever Springs to mind pin your ideas and keep them for a future photoshoot.

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