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How does one develop a taste for outstanding shoes? I guess it is a desire to stand out and find shoes that do not screen uniformity or "look I am like everyone else out there". Of course you are not like everyone else and you want to wear shoes that say something about you! You are not what we would call an excentric, you are on the hunt for the "one item" that will make the difference and set you apart from everyone else though.   You know what? I found you the perfect shoes to show your individuality and buzz you creativity with a selection of amazing shoes designers to choose from.

You can't go any quirkier than Irregular Choice, see-through heels, bows, twists and ribbons you name it. Not all the design will fit what you are after, the choice is large enough to find a style that will add that little "je-ne-sais-quoi"to your business outfit. Look at these oriental day dream boot with gorgeous ribbon, do not hide them under trousers, be bold choose to wear them with a dress or a skirt.

Oriental Daydream Boots by Irregular Choice

An all time favourite shoes designer Chie Mihara, her shoes are not like anything ordinary,  she also understands women's feet and that we have stand on it for hours. She has managed to combine comfort with design. Half Japanese, half Brazilian Chie has established herself in Valencia Spain. She is largely represented in the UK and you will find her collection in John Lewis or online at, I could seriously considering starting a shop selling these, I love the fact that she is telling as story with her shoes!

Chie Méhara 2016 collection Luce

Chie Mihara 2016 collection Luce

If you are like me? Thinking about a new pair of shoes and Italy makes want to jump up and down? Italy is the country for shoes indeed, wonder around in Venice and your eyes won't stop gazing at the calzature shops windows, their shoes are not only beautiful in designs but the leather is soft and of good quality, this means that you will have to pay more money for your shoes but also that you will keep them longer.  Favour quality rather than quantity.  Who will resist the melon sorbet and powder leather ankle strap shoes designed by Valentino? Keep these for the days you want to feel really special.These are available online via Forzieri Italia's

Rockstud Melon Sorbet & Powder Leather Ankle Strap Pump

Rockstud Melon Sorbet & Powder Leather Ankle Strap Pump

The ultimate dream custom made shoes. If you are after something really special for a wedding or else  get in touch with HettyRose. She designs with you in mind, the shoes are custom made  out of recycled vintage japanese kimono materials, Hetty, also organises shoe making workshops if you are keen to learn more and jumpstart your creativity.

Hetty Rose Shoe Designer Studio

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