Give Yourself Permission!

What is it with asking permission? Even as grown up we tend to ask permission for every choices we make, we are lost making up for decisions because it all goes down thinking if x,y,z would agree with us. Even if we do not really ask for it, we do so in our minds! We want validation for the choices we make because we are so scared of doing wrong and fail. If you grew up suffering from the good girl syndrome, like I did you might have spent a lot of time asking permission, thinking twice before every other word coming out of your mouth by fear of upsetting someone.

You might have thought that people with authority, parents, teachers, clergymen...knew better than you did what was good for you, convinced that they where the ones to listen to, rather than following your heart and not giving your power away.The truth is you did not dare being yourself by fear of disappointing with what was expected from you, which sounds rather devious because you were relying on others to understand who you really were. Trying hard to tick all their boxes completely sanitising your personality in the process to the point of becoming a bore by constantly trying to please and be in control of the image you built of yourself.Like:

  • The pupil who works hard, does not speak up and sits still for hours
  • The perfect child who never complains and channels her anger against herself,sulking for hours rather than getting it all out.
  • The model employee hoping that working hard would get her noticed and promoted.

What you will have got out of it, is coming across as boring and bland for sure! Tired of constantly being in a position of thinking, "can I behave like this, will they agree, what if I move forward with my life, will they agree, will I disappoint them"? I just got proof that you don't need to ask permission,just go for it, and if the answer is no than it is no! I recently applied for a press pass at The Trust Women Conference who took place in London last November and I got a yes! So from today your mission will be to make yourself a promise. Do not ask for permission anymore! You are enough and you know what is good for you. This does not mean that you have to live an egotistic life but at the end of the day, the decisions you make are all down to you. Forgive yourself about the past, move on, do not keep being resentful as this will keep you stuck in the past. At the bottom of your heart you know exactly where you want to be with your life. We tend to limits ourselves, write down your dreams without censoring yourself and stick to it. Follow your true path, the one that is right for you, you don't have to ask anyone else permission to live your live. Do you have a special moment in your life to celebrate in your life? Give yourself permission to celebrate yourself with a portrait session, get in touch!