Meet Kelly Chandler - The Creative Mind Behind the Bespoke Wedding Company

Meeting Kelly, you will be enthused by her passion and warm personality. Kelly is an award winning wedding planner, the creative mind behind The Bespoke Wedding Company. When she got married she realised that a lot of choices she made for her wedding were self-imposed by "what everyone did" it later came to her that she could have had anything she wanted for her Wedding!

She took the steps to leave a career in corporate events to set up her business with the ability to add her personal touch into event planning. She now applies this philosophy and gives a lot of attention to details to the couples coming to her for help organising their wedding. When it comes to wedding planning, she loves the adrenaline rush that the job of managing 20-30 teams (florists, venues, caterers) gives her and handles the most complicated wedding request with a smile.

Kelly is very focused on attention to details for her clients, it was key for her personal branding photo shoot to work through every details of the shoot, the venues, the props, the colours and mood matching her brand to create images that spoke elegance, professional and approachable.

My very reliable and wonderful makeup artist Ayesha and Maxeen, the assistant joined the team on the day of the photoshoot. We  juggled different moods, locations, props, outfits and worked crazy hard without forgetting to have lots of fun during the day, with wonderful results!

PS. Do you have a brand you are passionate about? In need of serious images rebrand? Get in touch! Working together we will create wonders and transform your brand with your very own personal and creative touch.

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