Stand Out By Showing Yourself!

Time and time again I come across women who have set up their business, but are hiding from being in the public eye. They aren't shy to show themselves in network meetings or speaking at public events. But when you browse their website, you'll hardly see any images of them.  In truth, they're hiding. But why?

The number one complaint I hear over and over again is, I'm not photogenic!



Be reassured, photogenic does not exist. What will make you shine in pictures is being confident about what you do, the services you provide, the products you sell and convinced that you are creating value and serving your clients!

Forget about yourself, this is not about having you standing in front of the camera. This is about inviting your ideal client to connect with you and giving them a glimpse of what working with you looks like!

How do you do that? You show the real YOU!

You present yourself as your brand, embrace all your values, aspirations and inspirations in a photo shoot that will translate all of this!  There will be more work involved than having you just posing in front of the camera! The idea is to do all the work beforehand in order for you to relax on the day of the photo shoot. Because you understand the value of showing yourself and having your brand stand out and reflect how unique you are!

How do you show your unique self?

Show yourself in a situation. Emotions + movements = approachable.

Creating images in line with your brand will help you produce a story. Put yourself in a situation e.g when you're chatting to YOUR client, sharing how you can help and inspire them.  This will not only show value but also communicate authenticity! By showing yourself, you’re inviting your ideal client to know you better, giving them an idea of how your enthusiasm/smile/ warmness will help them to move their business forward!

Forget about being in front of the camera, this is not about you, it’s about your brand, your ideal client, telling your story and building a relationship. To build a relationship we need to trust you and get to know who you are.

Have fun creating a personal branding photoshoot, this shouldn’t be a chore. It’s about elevating your brand, showcasing the beautiful person your clients and prospects will have the advantage to work with.

By sharing who you are, your clients will have a sense of the person behind the work. They'll feel connected to you and start developing a relationship from their first encounter with you.

I hope this will encourage you to show yourself and make you believe in the value of telling your story! If not what is your biggest drawback for showing yourself in images?

Ready to take the jump and show yourself? Complete the dream photo shoot form here or via the contact form below.

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