Unwind with a glam movie



It is grey and wet outside, you are about to quieten down after an exhausting year, regrouping around the family and longing for some relaxing time, snuggling up on the sofa in front of  movies full of sunshine and glam, stories taking place on the French Riviera. Who does not love the French Riviera? Don't you love snuggling up the sofa around Christmas time. The kitchen is a mess but who cares, it is about taking time out. Having fun and enjoying dinner around the table with a small or extended family, the people you love. I have some movies suggestion for you one for this week.

This week I recommend to watch Grace de Monaco by Olivier Dahan with Nicole Kidman, the story is taking place in 1962 when Monaco was under threat to be annexed by De Gaulle's French government. Grace is at a cross road in her life, being invited to play the role of Marnie by Hitchcock and in the middle of the crisis between Monaco and France. We see Grace, like we've never seen her, showing sensibility, frustration and struggle. She is coming to her sense realising that being Grace of Monaco is the biggest role of her life. She will lead the transformation of Monaco and become an emblem for the red cross, relaunching the ball which has become a magnet for the gotha, all across the 4 continents. This movie has been under the fire of a lot of critics, the princely family of Monaco has disapproved with the movie, I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. It depicted a part of story between France and Monaco which I was not aware of, it showed a more human side of Grace, I loved the style and elegance in the clothing and hair do, if you've seen my my recent portraits photographs they are strongly under influenceof style and elegance and Grace was the epitome of elegance. The only thing I did not like in the movie was the way the photography was treated, they tried to give some vintage colour cast, most of the image are too yellow and very grainy, they tried to emulate kodachromefilm but it just looks fake, it should not stop you from watching this movie, though.

Make the most of your winding down time between Christmas and New-Year, enjoy your break I am looking forward speaking to you in the new year.