What is a contemporary portrait photoshoot

I am often asked what type of photography I do, my answer is contemporary portrait photography but what does it mean?

    • It's a styled portrait, the look is editorial and magazine style, the aim is to make you look and feel gorgeous, making you feel like a celeb and giving you photographs of yourself like never seen before!
    • You get full hair and make up before the shoot, the make-up artist will be in touch with you before the shoot to understand how she can help you with hair and make up.
    • You bring the clothes you dreamed to be photographed in, or I can get a stylist on board to help you!
    • Create personal branding portraits with an edge, you can be feminine and celebrate the women you are in professional portraits.You don't have to take the corporate stance in your profile anymore and can fully embrace your feminity with hair and make up in great style! Bring out the successful, powerful looking woman, embrace the woman you are!
    • The're stylish and elegant, imagine, Vanity Fair, Vogue, I love fashion and style  as a much as you do!
    • Modern portraiture has evolved it is more magazine style, there is movement it's aimed to make you at your best!
    • You have a say in the way you want to be photographed, we have a pre shoot consultation to understand how and why you want to be photographed
    • You will have an amazing experience and lots of fun.
    • You will have images and prints for you and your loved ones to treasure for life

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