Why Portraits ?

Re-affirm yourself

All these years you've lost yourself,  doing things by the book, putting others first and forgetting yourself in the process, only seeing a glimpse of the real you here and there? It's time for you to celebrate the woman that you're and move on to your next milestone! READ FRANCESCA'S STORY HERE

Exist in photographs

You've been hiding for too long, thinking I am too old, I have 20 pounds to loose, too that, waiting for the perfect moment to stand in front of the camera. Remember perfect does not exist and it's boring! Every stage of your life is to be celebrated. It's my job as a photographer to make you look incredible so you can exist in images for you and your loved ones! Read about reconnecting with the women inside blog post

You've got something to celebrate

You've just achieved a very important milestone in your life, lost weight, reached the big 30, 40, 50 or 60+, something big that deserve a celebration about the woman that you are! A way to celebrate this significant milestone is by creating a keepsake of beautiful portraits of yourself. Portraits like you, fun, bold, confident, enjoying every bit of the next step in your life.

I want to be photographed with

You want to be photographed with your loved ones or friends, have a tremendous experience and have images to treasure for life!

Let's embark on this life changing journey together, I will help you shaping your ideas and transform them into a fun photo session. On the day of the photo shoot, everything will be taken care of for you, my experienced make up artist will work from the brief we have shaped together for the makeover. I will guide and coach you in front of the camera to look at your best in the photographs.

After this transformative experience you will go home on a very high note, sharing it with friends and family. Imagine a portrait of yourself hanging on the walls of your house, or opening a beautiful folio box with images printed on beautiful  paper to remember this special moment in your life. Imagine portraits as a gift to celebrate your unique self, feeling inspired for the next move in your life.



“You will feel so much more confident in yourself after our photoshoot together, I will show you how beautiful you are. You don’t have to worry about a thing it's my responsibility to make you look amazing, so relax, enjoy, because this will be the photoshoot of your life.” 


 Francesca,   Private client

Francesca, Private client

Rachel is a very good professional and she made me feel not only at ease but also very natural during the photo shooting, and the same her make up artist Ayeesha. I loved working with her; she managed to bring out the best of me!


What does a portrait session EXPERIENCE WITH RACHEL include?

  • Custom designed portrait session
  •  Pre-shoot design consultation with advice on styling, creating a bespoke photo shoot just for you
  • Professional hair styling and make-up
  • Photo shoot in a London Studio
  • Up to 5 wardrobe changes
  • Fully Directed photo shoot with multiple wardrobe changes
  • Fully retouching included
  • Private viewing  and ordering session for your to choose your prints and images


To book A PORTRAIT SESSION WITH RACHEL for one or two a non refundable fee of £225.00 is required -


Does not include prints or images, these are available to choose during your viewing session, print start @£225.00. You are under no obligation to buy anything! Gift voucher available to buy in the shop



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